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June - a quiet month

I have pledged to update the blog here a minimum of once a month, and here it is the first week of July.

Unfortunately, I haven't been as busy this month as I would have liked to be; I'm preparing to travel, and work has prevented me from going to any events. I only really have one or two pictures I can share of a work in progress.

This is going to be a Pelican scroll - I can't tell you who it's for yet but it will be awarded at Pennsic.

As I recall, it will be based on a really cool illustration in the Psalter of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The psalter, a collection of psalms, had several illustrations I could have pulled from, but this initial B from Psalm 1 really caught my attention. I will be altering the portraits inside the large capital B, and of course the text will be different as well, but the overall look of the piece will be similar to what is here.

Psalter of Eleanor of Aquitaine (ca. 1185) - KB 76 F 13, folium 029r

So far, my great nemesis has been mixing the shades of pink that I will need for the border; there's a warm pink and a cool pink, and neither of them are already in my palette. The gold is already laid, but since that includes the text, I can't show it to you until after the scroll is awarded. I promise it looks quite nice, though.

And that's all I've really been up to in the past month, alas.

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