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Classes and Articles

Classes and Articles: List

Google Drive

ongoing from 2020

All handouts for the classes below, as well as both of the articles listed, may be found on Matildis's Google drive folder, for personal, non-commercial use only.

Virtual classes

Introduced summer 2020

Matildis recorded a number of Zoom classes in 2020 for the Royal University of the Midrealm YouTube channel.

  • Scroll Layout from Start to Finish

    • A three-hour Zoom session divided into three videos, discussing scroll layout, use of an Ames lettering guide, calligraphy, and simple illumination.

  • Raised Gilding

    • Gilding techniques using Jerry Tresser's Raised Gilding Preparation, a non-toxic recipe based on Cennini's period recipe for gilding gesso. The class demonstrated laying the gesso, burnishing, and laying 23k gold leaf, as well as texturing the gold with a stylus.

  • Black Hours Illumination

    • The multicolored illustration style of the Hours of Galleazzo Maria de Sforza, mimicked and demonstrated on an Artist Trading Card (2.5 x 3.5 inches).

  • Lombardic Capitals

    • One approach to drawing and painting a style of capital that has been in use since at least the 1200s, as well as several possible applications.

  • Acanthus Leaf Illumination

    • Acanthus leaves varied throughout period; this class focused on the German style as taught in the Gottingen Model Book, covering a brief intro to drawing them and then how to paint and shade them.

In-person Classes

November 2021 to present

  • Black Hours Illumination

    • Based on the Hours of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, as in the virtual class described above. Students paint a black artist trading card to take home.

    • Class limit 12 students. No fee.

    • Class retired and reworked.

  • Using an Ames Lettering Guide

    • How to use this drafting tool to create lines for a scroll text block, as well as a diapering grid for miniatures. Students fill in the text block on a 9x12 scroll blank.

    • Class limit 10 students; lettering guides available for $5

    • Class premiered November 2021.

  • Ridiculously Easy Flowers for Border Illustrations

    • The border style of the mid to late 1400s emphasized speed and simplicity of its elements, which were then layered to produce the illusion of complexity. Many of the flowers are barely a step above doodling. Students paint an artist trading card in either black or white.

    • Class limit 12 students; full-color, 14-page handout, for $5.

    • Class premiered November 2021.

  • Ooh, Shiny: Painting with Metallic Paints on Black Ground

    • Based on the Hours of Galeazzo Maria Sforza. Matildis explains the technique of painting with gold or silver on a black ground, and how it differs from painting with opaque colors. Students make and take an artist trading card with a design of their choice in gold, silver, or both.

    • Class limit 12 students.​

    • Class premiered September 2022.

  • Applied Color Theory for Scribes

    • Based on concepts taught in the book Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green by Michael Wilcox. The class discusses the "double primary" palette, and how to mix colors with control and precision. Students make and take a color chart with the provided paint kits.

    • Class limit 6 participants.

    • Class premiered February 2024.


2021 to present

  • Intro to Modern Color Theory

    • Based on concepts taught in the book Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green by Michael Wilcox. The article discusses the value of a "double primary" palette in mixing colors with control and precision.

    • A class was created based on this article and concepts in February of 2024.

  • Scroll Layout and Design

    • How to plan a scroll, questions to consider, followed by how to lay out the foundations of the scroll; includes a brief discussion of period margins.


beginning July 2020

  • Beginning July 2021, a number of videos, including recorded live streams of work on Bran Atte Rowan's knighting scroll, may be found on Matildis's YouTube channel. Plans are in the works to create supplemental videos to go with the Ridiculously Easy Flowers class, as well as improve upon the Black Hours video that is already up on RUM scribal playlist.

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