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November 1 - the quiet time

After the hustle and bustle of being elevated in September, and working on a major scroll throughout August and into September, I find myself... kind of exhausted. I haven't done much in October, so there really isn't much to show in this post, although I do have one small picture I can share.

Laurels are supposed to be inspirational and impart wisdom from time to time. I'm not sure how good I'll be at that, but here's my attempt:

I'm a big believer in only working on creative projects when creative passion is present. The SCA is a hobby; it's supposed to be fun! It's meant to bring joy into your life. Within the SCA, there is simply no point to "suffering for my art" or whatever romantic notion still surrounds artists in this day and age. I have a project on my desk, but without the motivation to work on it right now, I would end up hating the project, burning myself out, and taking even longer to recover, if I were to try and force myself to "power through" or "grind", or whatever other nonsense buzzwords are popular right now to justify turning a hobby into a job.

The SCA is not a job. It is a joy. Or at least it's meant to be.

So, yes, I have found that I need to rest for a little bit, and I have found that my creative drive is still being satisfied by pursuing my other hobby outside the SCA. I'm going to focus on that for a bit, and try not to punish myself for taking the break that I clearly need.

In the meantime, here is the progress I have managed to make on Bran's knighting scroll.

It's not much, but they're clearly having a good time, and I like the overall shading on each figure. They'll serve to tide me over for a few weeks until I can come back to my table and approach the project with joy once more.

See you next month.

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